Washington in flowers

More than one million visitors will go to Washington to admire the cherry trees in flowers.
For Jake Kwon, spring starts when the cherry trees are in flowers and that they embellish the reflections of Tidal Basin of their splendid pink and white petals.

However, Kwon thinks of fleeing the cherry trees this year. The stoppers of circulation, mud and the tourists in search of a perfect photograph aggravate it.

“It seems that it does not matter where one goes, there is crowd”, said Kwon, a resident of McLean, in Virginia, which works as consultant.

Washington in flowers

A festival feeric and very run

More than one million tourists are awaited the National Cherry Blossom Festival which takes place in Washington during 16 days and which finishes on April 13. But those which, like Kwon, prefer calms it, do not have anything to fear. They can avoid crowd the morning, thanks to a small course of jogging under the cherry trees, at the end of the evening or benefitting from an escapade on the Potomac river.

Since 1935, the festival is the tourist event par excellence of Washington. Diana Mayhew, director general of the festival, indicates that for better managing the multitude, it is possible that the period of visit is prolonged. In addition, the organizers incite people to go on the other side of the basin to admire the cherry trees.

To know some more:

Cherry Blossom Festival

This year, several activities underlining the gift of 3 000 cherry trees of the mayor of Tokyo, Yukio Ozaki in the United States, are organized.

The team of the national park set up an activity entitled Cherry Chit-Cat. Before the arrival of the horde of tourists, the guide Rebbecca Steketee accompanies the runners on a course by jogging by 5,5 km. The race begins with the Washington Monument, passes by Jefferson Memorial and finishes around Tidal Basin.

Throughout course, Steketee shares its knowledge in connection with the period of flowering. The first trees offered by Japan, for example, in fact arrived in 1910, says it. Unfortunately, they were filled of insects and so patients that the Service of the agriculture of the United States required that they be burned. On the other hand, certain trees survived and one can see them well in life on a golf course near.

The runners can also see single “the indicating tree” close to Jefferson Memorial. It thus is named since it flowers always approximately a week before the other cherry trees. “One does not know why it buds before the others, known as Steketee. It is a mystery.”

Cruisings and observation of night
Although the majority of the tourists are attroup

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