Wacky Museums Worth Visiting, Part 1

Not all museums are filled with hard to interpret “art” or old mummified corpses of unfortunate child-kings (read Tutankhamen). Some museums are created to feed that fun, interesting, wacky part of you that still believes in unicorns. Unfortunately, there is no unicorn museum, but here are some other crazy museums worth visiting on your world travels. The Brooklyn travel agents at Do All Travel will be able to get you cheap flights to any of these  wacky destinations.

Kent, England – Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum: We are sure when this castle was built centuries ago, the late-lord was hoping it would one day be used to showcase the many outstanding dog collars that have graced the necks of domestic dogs. Luckily for him, that happened, and now this museum has the largest collection of dog collars, covering over 500 years of “canine neckwear.” The collection began as a gift to the dog-loving, final mistress of the castle, and has continued to grow through the efforts of the Leeds Castle Foundation.

Wacky Museums Worth Visiting, Part 1

Washington D.C., USA – International Spy Museum: Having a museum about secrets seems a little counter-intuitive, no? Well the International Spy Museum has done its best to bring all the espionage out of the shadows and into the limelight. Featuring interactive exhibits, as well as spy gadgets and a Spy School, this museum makes the whole world of secret agents seem all the more real. “Spy Kids 3 with smell-o-vision” real.

Interested in more wacky museums? Stay tuned for part 2! If you need cheap flights to anywhere in the world,  is here to help!

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