Traveling with Young Children

Traveling with kids on a plane is never an easy feat, not for the parents, not for the kids, and not for the hundreds of passengers stuck in a tin box with wailing youngsters. Parents cannot solve every problem, but forethought and preparation can greatly reduce the possibility of issues.

As far as packing, let each child take a small knapsack with a beloved toy or two, some snacks, bottles, and extra diapers, as necessary.

A tired child is more likely to fall asleep during the flight. Be warned, some children don’t sleep well at higher altitudes (or outside their beds), and a tired child can be a cranky one.

Traveling with Young Children

Airport security is required to check children, as well, but the TSA has certain allowances for children under 12, including allowing them to keep their shoes on and pass through detectors several times before resorting to a pat down. Explaining the process to children beforehand may greatly reduce the possibility of a crying child.

Finally, when landing be sure to let everyone else off first. The stress of trying to get a bunch of children off the plane while ignoring the angry stares of impatient travelers is just not worth it.

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