Travel Apps for Safety and Security

Last time, we discussed the importance of certain apps created for traveling. Another vital use for travel apps is ensuring the safety and security of travelers in any vacation destination around the world.

The PinPin ATM Finder is a Windows app that helps users find a means to get some cash anywhere. No need to be wandering the seedy part of town looking for cash to cover cab fare. This app will do everything except dispense the money.

TravelSafe Pro, available on Android phones, is an all-in-one list of emergency numbers for most countries. Offerings range from local emergency services to embassy contact info for misplaced travel documents and other concerns.

Travel Apps for Safety and Security

Apps like Better Translator Pro (Android) are especially useful for travelers seeking bathrooms, taxis, or police stations without knowing the native tongue. Of course, these apps don’t completely prevent mangled sentences, misused idioms, and accidental swearing, but they certainly minimize occurrences.

An interesting program is React Mobile for iPhone. Its most important feature is that it allows travelers to create a list of friends or family who can be notified of an emergency with the touch of a button. As an added benefit, the app sends GPS coordinates to the people on the emergency list, enabling a faster response.

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