The Secret Life of Business Class Travel

Some travel for pleasure, some travel for obligation, and some travel for business. This last group includes a smaller subset of businessmen who only use business class travel for the luxury, the convenience, or to avoid the expense of heavy jet lag.

We have all seen members of this elite group wandering the airport. They check no luggage, carry small carry-on suitcases, and cool their heels in exclusive lounges while awaiting final boarding call. On the plane, these are the people who have their laptops up and running before most of us have had a chance to find the latest edition of SkyMall. These mysterious people take advantage of the free drinks that come with business class airline tickets, but they don’t have more than one or two.

The Secret Life of Business Class Travel

These dedicated businessmen may be the only people who take advantage of dry cleaning services at hotels. Traveling with one carry-on makes for wrinkled suits, so this service is a necessity, not a luxury.

It’s hard to feel envious of them because they rarely have a chance to enjoy the luxury. Many of them fly across the world and back in only a few days and do the whole thing over a few weeks later.

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