The Luxurious Amenities of Business Class Travel

Travelers walk into the yawning door of the parked airplane and make their way down the aisles. They stare somewhat enviously at the lucky denizens of the business class travel seats. After all passengers have been seated, one of the stewardesses ensures the curtain is drawn to separate worlds in airline travel.

Business class airline tickets can be prohibitively expensive, and people often wonder what amenities and luxuries actually come with their purchase. Two of the common features of advanced class seating are more legroom and fully reclining seats. For long haul trips, these amenities alone can make the extra fees worth it.

However, there are levels in first class within an airline and between one airline and the next. We have found some of the most outrageous and expensive travel amenities around the world!

The Luxurious Amenities of Business Class Travel

Singapore Airline, on their Singapore to London flight, offer lucky travelers a suite if they’re willing to fork over the cash. That’s right. A suite, complete with a real bed, sliding wooden doors, and turn-down service.

Emirates Airline, not to be outdone, installed two spas for first class travelers. Each spa includes a full shower system in a marble oasis.

These are only two of the many airlines who have begun catering to the rich and powerful.

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