The island of Grenade, a spiced destination

It is called “the island with spices”, not without reason. Cinnamon and nutmeg emanations indeed seem to impregnate the splendid landscapes of this small mountainous island of volcanic origin, located in the Caribbean, that Christophe Colomb discovered in 1498.

The island of Grenade belongs to the State de Grenade, as well as the islands of the South of the archipelago of the Grenadines, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. This Member State of the Commonwealth, which is independent since 1974, had been colonized before in turn by the French and the English. Of its membership in England, it kept control besides on the left.

In love with their island

Devastated by the Ivan hurricane in 2004, the island of Grenade early made be rebuilt. Here, as on several islands of planet, the economy rests mainly on tourist industry. Not question, therefore, of letting itself cut down by the destroying visit of this hurricane of category 4. While sauntering today in this small paradise, there is difficulty of thinking the devastation which reigned after the passage of Ivan, since all was already given on foot. Canada offered besides more than 10 million dollars for the rebuilding.

The island of Grenade, a spiced destination

The inhabitants found all a roof. They turned the page and now try to forget this disastrous episode. If they do not speak much about it, when the subject is tackled, one still perceives the fear which they could feel and difficulties that they crossed. The devastations left some visible traces besides, as one can note it while venturing in the forest, where several trees were uprooted.

Grenadiens are today very happy to see that the tourists return in great number. They are so proud beauty of their island! Moreover, it is not rare to see the inhabitants approaching tourists to invite them to discover new places which, according to them, are worth the turning. The safeguarding of the island is due to them in heart. Natural parks, sanctuaries and faunal reserves form the sixth of the territory besides. One offers to it ecological activities which respect the environment. And, although one can choose this destination for pr

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