Packing Tips from the Brooklyn Travel Agency

Good travelers know that the right packing techniques often make the difference between a dream vacation and a traveler’s nightmare. Through our years of experience helping the people of Brooklyn travel the globe, we have gathered quite a collection of useful tips about proper packing.

Organization is a key factor in ensuring a good packing experience. Research the destination really well. Think carefully about which items will be immediately necessary upon disembarking. If you are taking a flight to Israel, keep sandals at the very top. Travelers to Spain should be sure to have an English-Spanish dictionary handy.

Packing Tips from the Brooklyn Travel Agency

Everything else should be arranged neatly so you can fit more items in a suitcase. The rolling method works quite well for packing a lot of clothing without taking up too much space. Another benefit of proper organization is less rifling of your stuff by the eager beavers who work customs at airports around the world. Sure, they wear gloves when they check bags, but do you really want some stranger pulling out your fungus cream in front of everyone? Having everything neatly packed in easy-to-search bags decreases the possibility of that happening.

While on the topic of customs officials, remember to always use TSA-approved locks on suitcases when flying from the U.S. Approved locks can be opened by the TSA, if necessary, without destroying the lock.

For more information about proper packing habits or any other travel information, contact Do All Travel, the trusted Brooklyn travel agency.

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