Odd Travel Recommendations By Our Brooklyn Travel Agency

In a world of myriad vacation destinations and tourist sites, knowledge of unique travel destinations can be very valuable. Off the beaten path, exotic, unique, and one-of-a-kind are all identifiers that speak of wonderful vacation experiences.

Off the coast of Tanzania, Pemba Island’s Manta Resort added an underwater room to their hotel. The room for two floats several hundred feet off the shore and includes an above sea level lounge and rooftop deck and the famous underwater glass room. The room was designed by a Swedish firm to provide guests with an incredible view of the fish and fauna surrounding it.

Odd Travel Recommendations By Our Brooklyn Travel Agency

The room is similar to the Utter Inn, built in Sweden by the same firm. The inn provides less in terms of comforts, opting instead for a rustic feel.

Swedish ingenuity also brought the world the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. For several thousand kroner (a few hundred dollars) guests can sleep on an ice mattress in a hotel made of ice and snow. The reindeer hides covering the mattresses bring the chill down considerably, while the icy vodka bar provides a refreshing experience.

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