More Security Advice from the Brooklyn Travel Agency

Last time we discussed wise preparations for people seeking to navigate with ease the airport security line. This time around, we’ll mention some advice about standing on line and interacting with the Transportation Safety Administration employees.

No Jokes: This might be the most important bit of advice we can impart. The TSA does not have the luxury of a sense of humor and is forced to take everything seriously. So, no jokes about bombs, guns, or hating the airline.

Be Professional: Speak nicely and calmly. Rudeness or belligerence will only make a tense situation worse. Of course, we encourage travelers to know their rights and insist upon them, but only using a calm tone not hysterical caterwauling.

More Security Advice from the Brooklyn Travel Agency

Think Ahead: No one appreciates those travelers who hold up the line while fumbling for boarding passes. Travelers should have ID and pass easily accessible. Furthermore, children should be out of strollers and baby carriers and pets should be out of carrying cases.

We sincerely hope that all travelers have smooth experiences when going through airport security. In fact, many have no issues. Those who do, should remember that it’s nothing personal. TSA agents are just trying to do their jobs. It is important for travelers to know their rights and exercise them.

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