More Odd Travel Recommendations By Our Brooklyn Travel Agency

Last time, we included some of the odd destinations liked by the agents at our Brooklyn travel agency. We figured we’d list a few more.

In Oxford, England, guests can stay at a hotel in the prestigious Malmaison chain. The 94 room hotel offers luxurious rooms, a hotel bar and restaurant, and other amenities. The interesting fact, though, is that the hotel is part of Oxford Castle, which was formerly known as HM Prison Oxford. Guests sleep in the redesigned and considerably more comfortable cells of the previous occupants.

More Odd Travel Recommendations By Our Brooklyn Travel Agency

Das Park Hotel in the Austrian municipality of Ottensheim is a novel idea developed by Andreas Strauss in 2004. Guests stay in refurbished cement pipes accessed by a passcode. The pipes are big enough for room basics and even include wall paintings for ambiance. Some of our customers may balk at sleeping in a pipe, but it’s sure to be an unusual experience.

In Idaho, a couple of artists who specialize in dog carvings run a B&B known as the Dog Bark Park Inn. The reason for the name is apparent once guests see the inn. It’s a giant dog with rooms inside!

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