Is a Corporate Retreat Worth the Business Class Travel?

Corporate retreats have long been the tools of organizations looking to promote team building, teach new skills, or just show employees a good time. The return on investment of such endeavors is often deemed significant enough to justify the expense. Obviously, some of these events cross the line from reasonable to excess, but that should not deter businesses from pursuing wisely planned corporate retreats.

These work vacations can be themed, include party favors, and be held anywhere from a beachfront hotel to a cruise ship on the Antarctic.

Is a Corporate Retreat Worth the Business Class Travel

Here’s a little secret, though. If the retreat is not absolutely vital, it can have a deleterious effect on much more than the company’s expense account. Employees don’t appreciate being dragged away from their families, being forced to socialize with people they barely know, and having to engage in awkward team building exercises unless there is a very clear reason for it.

Additionally, events that are not structured to allow employees the chance to really express their opinions about the company are useless. What’s the point of spending all that cash for the executives to reinforce something they believe in already?

We really believe that corporate retreats can be beneficial to a company, but only with the right training and preparation. Contact our Brooklyn travel agency to discuss planning a corporate retreat replete with business class travel, luxury accommodations, and realistic agendas.

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