Hawaii – A tropical vegetation covers the escarp

Hawaii became famous thanks to Hawaii 5-0, the famous turned telesery with Honolulu, capital of this 50e American State. But the island which gave its name to the archipelago is much known and much less attended than his/her seven sisters. However, it hiding place treasures. Outline of a destination to seizing contrasts!

The Hawaii, largest and southernmost of the islands of the archipelago of the same name, was formed starting from volcanic lava. It would thus be believed very arid; however, it conceals meadows spread out as far as the eye can see where feed of immense herds. And although it is located in tropical zone, snow there is found!

Higher than the Everest

It is also in the island of Hawaii, the “large island” as it is called, than is the most top of the world: the volcano Mauna Kea. Formed on the ocean floor, it is 10 203 m height – the Everest culminates to 8850 m.

Hawaii - A tropical vegetation covers the escarp

At the top of Mauna Kea, to 4205 m of altitude (compared to the sea level), one embraces an infinite horizon, concerning practically stars. As Hawaii is the world capital of astronomy, the ridge of the mountain does not accomodate less than 13 telescopes, of which most imposing 10 m diameter measure. But there is no need to be astronomer to admire the lunar landscape of this deadened volcano which one reaches in the commercial vehicle sport.

Attention with the pernicious effects of the rise. In spite of an obligatory stop in the center of interpretation, located at 3000 m, several visitors support altitude badly: headaches, nauseas, losses of balance. Fortunately, the majority are free for breathlessness and dizzy spells (at the top, there are only 60 % of oxygen, compared to the rate which exists on the sea level).

See the sun to lie down on the brownish cones and the craters holds of the unreal one! And what to say club of local Alpine skiing?

Earth in an island

The scientists listed 13 climatic zones on our planet. With it only, the island of Hawaii includes/understands 11 of them. It misses there only the climates the Arctic and Saharan.

To the west, one passes from the arid fields of lava to a desiccated vegetation strewn with cactus. Then, as one goes up, the temperature is refreshed, and the gilded meadows turn to the intense green. It is the kingdom of the pastures, where the horses and the cattle feed. Close to Waimea, to approximately 1000 m of altitude, the herd of the Parker Ranch, the most important ranch with single owner of all United States, counts more than 30 000 animals.

In the east, a tropical vegetation covers the escarp

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