Hampton Beach Preserved its a little old-fashioned charm

Typical seaside resort of the American East coast, Hampton Beach preserved its a little old-fashioned charm. The Inhabitants of Quebec which visited it there are 20 or 30 years will find it almost intact.

Less foil that Old Orchard and Wildwood, Hampton Beach offers to the holidaymakers a nice family atmosphere, a splendid beach and a walk which changed little.

As formerly, the stands of hotdogs, fried and pizza pie are aligned at the sides of the salesmen of tee-shirt, the arcades and the shooting ranges. The old casino of Hampton Beach shelters the same plays apparently as those which made it possible to the children to gain gigantic doggies there is more than one quarter century.

Hampton Beach Preserved its a little old-fashioned charm

The Ocean Boulevard was repaired. With foot or in the car, it is always also pleasant to circulate there to admire the visitors in light behaviour there.

One always finds there many motels at a cheap rate and of old country cottages of summer in gray shingles which one can rent at the week.

There are certainly some innovations: water a slip, modern hotels along the Ocean Boulevard, a project of condos of luxury… But essentially, Hampton Beach counts still and always on the natural beauties of its sandy beach and the Atlantic Ocean to attract the tourists.

Early the morning, the first visitors walk calmly along the beach of ten kilometers. Quickly, calms it morning made place with the agitation of the bathers.

The weekends of heat wave, approximately 200 000 people can invade the beach. With share of the Inhabitants of Quebec, one finds there mainly Americans of New Hampshire and area of Boston, hardly at one hour of road from there.

Nobody seems too much rejected by another of the things which did not change in Hampton Beach during years: water cold, sometimes frozen, of the Atlantic Ocean.

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