Grab a Flight to Israel (Or Space)!

Space travel is slowly opening up to non-governmental entities, and companies from Boeing to Virgin Galactic are leaping to corner a share of the space tourism and personal travel industry. Virgin Galactic projects its first public launch for December 2013, while Boeing is optimistic about a 2015 launch date for its CST-100 capsule.

Some companies are pushing for orbital travel. Others are chasing suborbital travel as a more lucrative option. Ships proposed range from tiny one seat rockets to larger crafts. There is no uniform set of rules governing these spacecrafts, but each country makes their own determinations. In the United States, companies proposing suborbital flights must meet standards of safety for person and property and receive licensing from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Grab a Flight to Israel (Or Space)!

With tickets costing over 10 million a person for orbital flights and approximately $200,000 for suborbital excursions, these proposed flights beat out any business class airline tickets we have ever seen. The experience, however, is sure to be well worth the money.

While we wait for space travel to be a reasonable and affordable reality, we continue to offer low rates on flights to Israel, London, and other Earth cities. Contact our Brooklyn travel agency to chat about our low rates and excellent customer service.

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