Grab a Flight to Israel for Sukkos!

Sukkos brings with it the yen for day and overnight trips on Chol Hamoed. Families visit museums, amusement parks, zoos, and other points of interest near and far. Entire venues are rented out to allow for the influx of Jewish visitors.

A particular concern when planning trips during the holiday of Sukkos is the need to eat in a Sukkah. Often this, more than any other factor, will determine where a family travels for Chol Hamoed. That’s one reason why we at Do-All Travel, the heimishe Brooklyn travel agency, encourage our customers to head to Israel for Yom Tov. Sukkos abound all over the Holy Land, so travel plans should be a cinch.

Grab a Flight to Israel for Sukkos!

Obviously, there are many other reasons to take a flight to Israel for Yom Tov. The ambiance created by thousands of people sharing the same holiday is a sight to behold. Anyone observing pre-Sukkos shopping in the shukim of Jerusalem will feel like part of a much larger whole.

Simchas Torah at the Kosel is a beautiful sight with Jews of all types joining together to rejoice over a common thread, the Torah. The echoing of singing coupled with the pounding of dancing feet tugs at the heartstrings.

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