Avoid Jet Lag with Brooklyn Travel Agency’s Advice

From coach to business class travel, airplane frequenters know that the most dreaded side effect of such travel is jet lag, or desynchronosis. Jet lag is a physiological condition of sleep disruption caused by prolonged air flight. Its more mild cousin, travel fatigue, can occur with shorter trips and usually has a shorter recovery time.

Interestingly, jet lag is closely intertwined with time zones. Travel within a time zone is unlikely to cause jet lag. Traveling across time zones eastward can result in more severe jet lag than westward because the body is required to move forward. The length of recovery time from jet lag is also correlated with amount of time zones and direction of travel.

Avoid Jet Lag with Brooklyn Travel Agency’s Advice

Methods for avoiding jet lag range from adjusting sleep schedules to skipping airline meals. Research shows that the best method may be a mixture of all methods. Begin adjusting the sleep schedule before the trip, stay hydrated on the plane, eat and sleep on the plane on the schedule of the destination city, and remain active upon arrival.

Very few people avoid any symptoms, but proper preparation can significantly reduce recovery time. Call us at Do-All Travel to discuss jet lag, travel tips, and business class airline tickets.

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