Arizona, Grand Canyon 3

One awakes us with 5h30. When I open the eyes, I am amazed to see tens of bat which furrow the sky, to research at their breakfast.

Welcome with the kingdom of the early risers, where you are upright with the paddle – and the bed very of continuation after laying down it sun, for a shooting star spectacle.

During five days of descent out of running water, I explore 142 kilometers of the Colorado river. Forwarding is not for those which like their comfort: a thin layer of dust becomes one second skin, and one sleeps, or one tries to sleep, under conditions which resemble those of a sauna.

Arizona, Grand Canyon 3

Wilderness To rivet Adventures, the company which organizes this tour, prevents start the passengers whom they will know two extremes: chaud/sec and froid/humide, because of the pitiless sun which heat the Large Canyon up to 37 degrees Celsius and of the water of the Colorado river whose temperature is stable with 9 degrees Celsius all the year.

We take the departure of Lees ferry in company of tourists come from as far as New Zealand and the United Kingdom. During our excursion, we learn that the walls of the Large Canyon are stretched on 1500 meters, of the river at the top, and that they owe their reddish color with various minerals present in the rock.

One includes/understands easily why the leader of forwarding, Brett Stark, is in love with this place. At its 17th season on Colorado, it affirms that the Large Canyon has a major impact on those which visit it.

“I see a transformation and a connection among people who are here during six or seven days. In the beginning, the visitors are interested only in the rapids, but then they prefer their new friendships and the life of camp “, explains it.

The canyon is a national park where all is protected, of the rocks to the art

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