A Flight to Israel with El Al

El Al, or El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. as it is officially known, is the national airline of the State of Israel. Though it has since been privatized and publicly traded, it still plays an important role in Israeli history.

The airline was first formed in 1948 when President Chaim Weizmann needed a civilian aircraft to transport him from Geneva due to an embargo on the fledgling Israeli government. The airline grew in size and profits since then, overcoming financial losses, labor strikes, and hijacking throughout the years.

A Flight to Israel with El Al

The airline participated in Operation Solomon, helping to airlift thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Several babies were born on-board during the transport of the Ethiopian refugees. The airline also works with Chai Lifeline to transport hundreds of children to the United States to participate in Chai Lifeline programs in the summer. Chai Lifeline has commended the staff of El Al for their caring and sensitivity.

El Al has an astonishingly high record for safe travel, namely because of its emphasis on screening procedures and sky marshals. Additionally, the Israeli government provides much of the funding for security measures. El Al is one of the airlines we use to book every customer on a cheap flights to Israel. Contact our Brooklyn travel agency to book a flight today and take advantage of this week’s specials!

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